Architectural / Engineering Practice Management
Full Feature List

All features are available to the free trial and paid accounts.

  • Web based timesheets for each employee
    No more excel templates or spreadsheets
  • Timesheet email reminders at custom times
    Remind your architects and engineers automatically
  • Employee timesheet reports by week / month for payroll processing
    Print weekly or monthly timesheet reports for paying salaries
  • Customisable stages for each project
    From sketch design to handover, you decide
  • Kilometres / Miles travelled for each project
    Track travel time and cost for invoicing customers & reimbursing employees
  • Project reporting showing employee costs against invoice revenue
    Project reports show your design performance against your plan
  • Project milestones
    Add key events, dates or tasks for users to complete for each project
  • Project calendar showing stages, variations & milestones
    Print and distribute a calendar of key dates for your project
  • Project variation tracking
    Capture time and invoice variations to projects
  • Project file management
    Upload and store files related to each project
  • Project invoice generation by time, percent or lump-sum
    Tweak your project invoicing exactly how you want it
  • Schedule work for all your employees
    Use the schedule to plan your time and cost allocation for projects, report against actual vs schedule
  • Project revenue forecast
    Enter an anticipated revenue forecast for each project, report on cumulative forecast and compare actual invoice revenue with historical forecast
  • Unbillable time categories for training, leave and administration
    Track non-productive time and work on reducing unbillable hours
  • Regions to separate projects and employees
    If you operate in more than one geographical location, you can report on your operations by region
  • Departments to manage multiple disciplines
    Do you employ architects and engineers? You can report on their activities separately, per project
  • Multiple charge out rates per employee or employee group
    Full flexibility in staff charge out rates
  • Charge out rate adjustment prior to invoicing
    Need to provide a rate reduction just for one project, week, stage or customer? No problems.
  • Subcontractor invoicing
    Upload your subcontractor or sub-consultant invoices for inclusion on your customer invoices
  • Export invoices for processing
    Send your invoices to Myob AccountRight, Xero, Quickbooks or Reckon One in the cloud and manage there, no double entries

Specifically for Architects & Engineers

Cost Gem is a cloud based practice managment system that has been tailored specifically for professionals who charge out their time to projects in stages. Construction and Building professionals such as Architects, Engineers and other consultants can allocate their time each day to a combination of Jobs, Stages and Unbillable or Non-productive categories. Typical stages of Design or Construction Jobs are; Schematic / Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Tendering, Contract Administration and Handover. You could use these Stages or your own totally unique stage names. You can choose if each Job will have all or only some of these Stages. As the Job progresses, you can also maintain the list of Stages available for your employees to enter their time against, so hours do not go to the wrong stage or a completed Stage.

Built in Reports for Payroll & Invoicing

Cost Gem provides built in reports to allow the payment of your employees. The reports show their hours completed by day, week, month or any date range. You are also able to generate reports to provide detailed information to back-up your invoices you send to customers. When the system is linked with Xero Accounting System you are able to send the invoice to Xero (beta) so you do not have to enter the information twice.

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