What does a great practice management system look like?

Like any other organisation an architectural practice needs certain parts to operate effectively and efficiently, such as accounting, human resources and the like. But unlike other industries an Architects practice needs a few specific features to achieve its best outcomes.

Document Management – There is nothing worse than not being able to find the right file when you need it. You should ensure you have a well documented procedure for storing and naming your client and project related documents. This can be a dedicatd software system or you can achieve the same results with a well thought our folder structure and any computer system with the appropriate security setup.

Drawing Management – Similar to the above, but perhaps more critical is your system for naming, storing and updating your drawings. You should be able to tell a story through your design process that is documented in your revision history of your project drawings. Once again there are several software systems that can assist with this, or you can create your own procedure and implement it with a well thought out computer system folder structure.

Time Management – Architects are only profitable when they are productive. You either charge your time out based on hours complete or invoice your customers based on project progress. Therefore it is critical that your architects are being productive as much as possible. To be able to analyse this you need a timesheet or time capture system that allows you to review performance. You could use a simple spreadsheet system for this, but to get the best results you should look at setting up a software based system that includes timesheets.

Project Management – Architectural Project Management is an important part of every architects practice. You are often responsible for managing the progress of building projects for your clients and customers. It is critical that you do this well if the project is to be delivered on time and budget. There are numerous project management systems out there, and you need to ensure you are using one to keep track of the progress of your architectural projects.

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